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Maxwell's demon is a thought experiment created by the physicist James Clerk Maxwell to "show that the Second Law of Thermodynamics has only a statistical certainty". It demonstrates Maxwell's point by hypothetically describing how to violate the Second Law: a container of gas molecules at equilibrium, is divided into two parts by an insulated wall, with a door that can be opened and closed by what came to be called "Maxwell's demon". The demon opens the door to allow only the faster than average molecules to flow through to a favored side of the chamber, and only the slower than average molecules to the other side, causing the favored side to gradually heat up while the other side cools down, thus decreasing entropy.

source: Wikipedia - Maxwell's demon

As the wiki note explains, Maxwell's demon is a subject who tries to order molecules despite the Second Law of Thermodynamics. During the high school physics class I learned that it is impossible to decrease entropy, unless we could reverse time (but that is most probably impossible as well). The purpose of this blog is an intent to arrange some programming knowledge (order 'molecules'!) and share it with another people.